Aerated drinks Vs Healthy drinks

Aerated or carbonated drinks are tasty, sparkling and tempting but it can never be of any health benefits to your body. There are a lot of health risks connected with drinking the fizzy drinks and flavored sodas as it contains preservatives and artificial flavors made of chemicals. When we say chemicals, it is not advisable for consumption at all. Let’s read on to know why it is not so healthy.No Aerated Drinks

  • Aerated drinks installs high calories:

The carbonated drinks have no healthy value instead it is a bag of sugar fizzed to form a soda pop. It has high rate of calories which cause immediate effect to your health. It does not have any nutritional value or minerals that are essential to your body. Thus it is advisable that if you choose health then you should avoid flavored soda or any carbonated drink.

  •  It encourages obesity and diabetes:

Sodas consists of fructose and corn syrups which directly infuses obesity in one’s body. Consumption of these drinks are also a way towards diabetes because it contains artificial sugar that has high rate of calories which causes effect to the hormones. It is also said that the diet drinks that considers themselves to cause good effect to health is actually a myth. Any aerated drink, be it diet and non-diet is not good for health.

  • Weakens the bones:

Phosphorous and caffeine agents in the food causes the bones to weaken and both the agents   are present in the sodas in high quantity. The product slowly wither decreasing the bone strength. Thus, the doctors strictly advice the people having low bone density syndromes to avoid these drinks.

  • Harms the organs, teeth and other parts of the body:

Drinking aerated drinks damages the teeth as they contain sugar coats which combine with the bacteria in the mouth forming fatty acids that will gradually damages the teeth by weakens the gums, enamel causing tooth cavity and decay. It is also proved that these drinks are directly linked to the chronic disease effecting the organs of the body excessively.

What do we consume as liquid diets?

  • Water:

Which is the best source of energy and it has no negative effect on the body. The more water you drink, the much healthier you turn out to be.

  • FruitJuices:

These drinks are very good for health until it is extracted naturally from the fresh fruits. Yet, a whole fruit would benefit more than the squeezed out drink.

  • Tea:

These beverages come in different category such as herbal tea, green tea, black tea and tea with milk. Tea has high rate of anti-oxidants which protect the body from damage and increases the metabolism.

  • Milk:

Milk has higher benefits and much larger nutrient contents that cause positive effect to the health. A glass of milk everyday will serve the purpose of all the vegetables and fruits put together.

Flavored soda are much cheaper than the fresh vegetables and fruits. Thus, there are chances of you choosing an aerated drink rather than a fruit juice. However, you know the adverse effect the product will cause to you resulting in health issues. Thus it is always advisable to avoid these beverages.


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