Honey – Food product that has medicinal value

Honey is honored as the artificial sweetener from many decades even before the sugar was widely available. Honey in its natural form has unique health benefits and thus people always include honey in their diet planning.  A healthy food diet and good sleep is the best practice and recipe for energy but if you are looking for some energy boosters before or after exercise then honey is the best food agent to be consumed. Let’s focus on the advantages of honey for healthy living;


  • Honey helps in digestion:

Honey is considered to be the finest home remedy that can eradicate all forms of digestive problems like ulcers and constipation because honey has great medicinal value. The mixture of honey, lemon and tea is commonly suggested for increase in the digestion rate.

  •  Honey is the energy booster:

Sugar provides temporary energy to the body whereas honey is a healthier sugar substitute that helps as the energy boosters. Though sugar intake is not made accessible for a diabetic patients, the consumption of honey for a considerable amount is suggested provided they are closely looking into the blood sugar levels.

  •  Honey increases Immune power:

Honey has a high amount of medicinal value including the antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. This can help in building and improving your immune system. This helps to fight viral infections, fever, cold and other common illness.

  • Honey is an aid to weight loss:

Honey is suggested by every dietician as a formula to lose some weight. Honey mixed with warm water and lime if consumed early morning with empty stomach can help you in losing weight to certain extent. It is also a replacement for other sweetener as it has lesser calorie than sugar.

  • Honey to fight common cold:

Due to the high rate of medicinal value in the honey, it is said to cure people from common cold. It has soothing property for throat, thus it is mixed with hot water and ginger extracts to fight the common cold.

  • Honey for healthy skin:

The popular ingredient of honey along with beeswax acts as natural body lotion and lip balms curing the dry skins and chapped lips. It has the antibacterial properties that makes it a natural remedy for acne treatments. Honey with warm water is consumed every morning or oat meal with honey if consumed everyday enables the skin to grow healthier and glow.

  • Honey has antibacterial properties:

The minute scratches, cuts or bruises were the common thing year’sback. Honey has the anti-bacterial properties that helps in the curing of these things. It is unsure about the amount of effect it makes. Yet, this treatment is considered effective if applied in bulk on the wounded area and it also prevents infection.

Honey has high medical value and it is evident because it is more sought out sweetened mixture. The healing property of the honey is due to its anti-bacterial property maintaining a moist wound condition and it also helps to provide a protective barrier to cover the infection. At present, honey is considered to be a food compound that has standardized level of anti-bacterial property. It is time you include honey in your daily food intake.


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