Food is the fuel for healthy living

The present lifestyle is a juggle between work, life and family resulting in less food and very little sleep. The result would be stress, depression, obesity which have direct effect to health. Yet, skipping meal is not a good practice as it is really essential to maintain a healthy life. Your body needs food and sleep of right quantity to live a perfect lifestyle.

food girlFood is fuel for body:

Essential energy that is required for the body is developed by the food agents that are consumed such as solid food that we eat and liquids that we drink. The nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fats, protein, carbohydrates and sugar that is essential for the body is made available from the food we eat. Thus, the food agents are termed as the essential fuel for the body.

Food for Energy:

The essential nutrients that are available in the whole grain food products, high fiber cereals, protein diets, fatty agents and fresh vegetables are best for higher energy production in the body and increasing the digestion. Complex foods take more time to digest and it has low energy production rate. The food consumed should be to the limit of proper growth and increased metabolism. Along with these essential food agents, liquid consumption in the form of water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, citrus contents, milk that are also a priority for digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients for each parts of the body.

Food to avoid:

Food consumption should be limited to the energy that is essential for the body. Too much of food consumption might lead to obesity. Heavy acidic products, calorie contents, aerated drinks, food that has high fatty acids and carbohydrates has to be avoided. The carbohydrates are broken down by the body providing the burst of energy that might lead to imbalance of the body. Consumption of Alcohol and caffeine can reduce high amount of energy in the body which will finally lead to health problems.

Maintaining a right diet:

It is essential to maintain a proper diet for the body. The diet should include three times meal i.e., breakfast, lunch and dinner with a break of 3-4 hours between each meal. The diet should also include a good sleep of 8 hours which is very essential for brain relaxation. It is said that you need to eat your breakfast fit for a king, a lunch like a common man and dinner like a peasant because this habit will improve your metabolism resulting in leading a healthy lifestyle. Always ensure to include good nutrient in your diet that includes some amount of protein, vitamin, carbohydrates and other essentials with good quantity of liquid.

It is not only the physical fitness that is important factor to a healthy body, it is the good food consumption that has all the nutrients, good mental health and good sleep that keeps the body stabilized. To stay healthy, the food has to be your medicine and medicine has to be your food. It is evident that the person who consumed good food will stay fit physically and mentally.


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